Git cheatsheet

This is a list of frequently used git commands for reference.
I’ll be updating this section on an ongoing basis.
For the complete list of git commands I use the following link.

  • Initialize a new git repository
git init
  • List all new or modified files to be committed
git status
  • Add files to the staging area
git add [filename]
  • Add files from staging area permanently to source control
git commit -m "[descriptive comment]"
  • Display history of all git commits
git log
  • Display historical git commits as single liner comments
git log --oneline
  • Check details of remote git repository url
git remote -v
  • Set remote repository url to origin
git remote add origin [http://remoteurl.git]
  • If existing remote origin url needs to be replaced with a different one
git remote set-url origin [http://newurl.git]
  • Push local changes to remote git repository
git push -u origin master
  • Clone remote git repository
git clone [http://remoteurl.git]
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