My Software Craftsmanship tools

Every developer has his/her own set of nifty tools that they cannot do without. I have my own collection of such utility tools that I find indispensable.
Here I’ll be maintaining a list of all such tools that I love using during my day to day work as a software developer.
I would love to hear your opinions on these and any tools that you might want to recommend over the ones that I list here.

Text editors
  • Notepad++
    I’ve been using this editor from ages now and have found it to be one of the most flexible and feature rich editors. It comes with support for various plugins which I like the most about it. It is a free tool that runs only on the Windows platform.
  • Visual Studio Code
    This is the new kid on the block from the Microsoft stable. It’s free and the best part is it supports all the 3 platforms Windows, Linux and Mac. It also has inbuilt support for Markdown.
  • Brackets
    I use this mainly to edit html and css files. It does the job pretty well and the best part is the Live Preview option that it offers. This offers a real time communication between the browser and editor which helps verify any markup/css changes quickly.
  • Visual Studio
    Well, I find this to be one of the best IDEs out there if you are a .Net developer. I have used a few other IDEs like Eclipse, IntelliJ etc. While each of them offer their own unique and useful features, I find this IDE to be the best in terms of memory usage and performance.
Monitor Log Files
  • Bare Tail
    This is a free real-time log file monitoring tool. It can easily load large files and also provides some pretty nifty features like tailing a log file in real time, highlighting different log entries based on patterns and regular expressions. A very useful tool indeed!!
Windows command line alternatives
  • Cmder
    If you’ve been looking for alternatives to the command line terminal in windows due to lack of some nifty features, look no further. Cmder is a console emulator with a nice simplistic look and feel and is also quite wonderful to use.
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