Visual Studio IDE keyboard shortcuts

Keys Description
Ctrl + . Show helper options
Alt + Enter Open properties window
Ctrl-K,F Format selected code
Ctrl-K,D Format code in entire document
Ctrl-K,C Comment
Ctrl-K,U Uncomment
F12 Go to definition
Alt + F12 Peek into the definition
Ctrl + Q Quick launch
Ctrl + , Navigate across open files
Ctrl + Tab Reverse navigate across open files
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Quick navigation
Ctrl + Shift + S Save all open files
Ctrl + F4 Close the currently focused window
Alt-W, l Close all open windows
Alt + Space Opens command window (Requires installation of Open Command Line extension)
Shift + F2 New file (Requires installation of Add new file extension)
Alt-/,. Open Package Manager console (Custom shortcut that needs to be set in Tools->Options->Environment->Keyboard)