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App Development using React Native

React Native as we know, helps develop mobile apps using JavaScript. On the surface it is just like React, except that it uses native mobile components inste...

Automate Udemy course downloads

Udemy as we know is an online learning provider with quality video courses on vast verticals including programming, marketing, data science etc.


Linux support in Windows 10

If you’ve been following the evolution of Windows 10 over the last few months, you must have also checked out the support for Linux in windows. In case you’v...


Creating Custom Roles in Azure

In my earlier post we saw how Azure Resource based Virtual Machines can be accessed using ARM APIs and a Native application registered in Azure Active Direct...


Web design templates for your website

These days if you are looking for some web design templates for your web sites, there are so many options that you'll find online. Gone are the days when one...

Way to go Microsoft!!

It’s been over a decade since the time Microsoft introduced .Net as a development platform and Visual Studio as an IDE.


They say it is the first step that requires great effort. It has taken me quite some time to start a blog of my own, but here it is now up and running!!! So ...